Message of Sunday 11 January 2015

By Pst Sebastien Muanza

Text:  Ecclesiastes 3:1

*unless otherwise indicated, all verses in this text are drawn from New King James Version (NKJV)

To every one of us the Lord has assigned a mission. The time of  fulfillment of that mission will be the period of one’s Glory. The  fulfillment of that period or season, the Kairos, is only known by God.  It may span from a period of few days to many years but it will surely  happen. Still, in order to fully benefit from that Kairos, we need to be ready.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 The Scriptures say “To everything  there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”. The word  “Time” in this sentence is translated from the Greek “Kairos”. Kairos  surely means time but not time in the conventional way. The notion of  time is herein taken more in its qualitative than its quantitative  sense. It is the time God decides to visit and to make a person serve  the purpose for which she or he has been created.

The fact that  we have been born and are still alive means that we have been assigned  to a determined mission that we haven’t fulfilled as yet. Otherwise we  would have been dead by now or even not been born at all. Just think of  all these fetuses that didn’t make it to this world!

Beloved, it is for a purpose you are alive until 2015. You have a mission and that  mission is to impact the life of many. You can never die before that  time come to pass. And today I’ve come to reveal to you that your time,  your Kairos, is about to come. The time for God to make you a role model for many and a symbol of his Glory is about to come. Alleluia!!!

I believe you are so ecstatic and excited at the thought of receiving  the Glory of God but here’s the million dollar question: When this time, the Kairos, comes, will you be ready??? Here are 3 things you need to  know in order to be ready for your Kairos :

1) When that time  is near God will send you signs. These signs will be for you to prepare  yourself. To be ready is to rid yourself of all sins. God never bless  where sin dwells.

2) You need to have the intelligence of God’s  time. What will you do when God visit you? Will you become proud like  many do? Beloved, know that God can only bless you when He foresees his  own benefit in it. If God doesn’t have his part in your blessings He  will withdraw them. Your hands must receive and give.

3) In  alignment with point 2, you need to have a strategy to make God pleased  with the blessings he has poured on you. Never separate yourself with  that source of blessings which is the God. That is how you will keep His blessings pouring in your life. Also read the word of God so you can  maintain a good relationship with Him.

My brethren, my sister  2015 is your year, your Kairos, the time for God to visit you, the time  of your elevation, the time of your glory. All you need to do is to  follow my 3 advices… He who has ears to hear, let him hear! Glory be to  God.

drafted by the redaction of The Glorious Church