By Past Sebastian Muanza

Theme: New Spirit for New Season
Topic: The New spirit will lead us into the New Season
Text: Number 14: 22-24; Number 13:17-10

*unless otherwise indicated, all verses in this text are drawn from New King James Version (NKJV)

In a New Season we need a New Spirit to experience the goodness of God. The New Spirit is a positive and optimistic mindset. Before the Lord blesses us he will bless us with a new spirit. This spirit of positivity and obedience will help us overcome our challenges before we even face them.

For every challenge a new strategy is needed. For every miracle Jesus used different gestures. Our Lord adapts anointing to its time and situations. The book of Isaiah names the 7 spirits of the Lord that work according to cycles of 7 good seasons and 7 bad seasons. In their conquest of the Promised Land, the tribes of Israel used different strategies against different enemies. Likewise we need a New Spirit in order to enter our New Season.

In our text of the book of Numbers, God refused entry to the Promised Land to all the leaders of Israel but Caleb. Jehovah permitted Caleb to inherit the land because he had different spirit. Caleb was a leader of a kind different from others. Caleb had a spirit of positivity, he fully trusted in the Lord and above all he was obedient to the commands of the Lord. And this led Jehovah Himself, from His own mouth, to call Caleb His servant. Even Joshua never had that privilege!

Beloved, if you wish to ever see you New Season, you need to have a spirit like that of Caleb. In order to enter your season you need to fully place you trust in God no matter the challenges you might face. Beloved when facing challenges, no matter how tough they are, you have to remember of one thing God did for you, you need to remember how your God has taken care of you since your birth. If He could do these things when you were small, how much can He do now that you have reached this age.

And like Caleb, we need to fully obey God’s command if we wish to see our season. And like Caleb we will be called servants of God. A servant of God isn’t a priest, evangelist, prophet or pastor only. Caleb was none of this. A servant of God is he who listens, obeys and executes God’s order. Many among Christians only listen to the words of God but do not put them into practice.

Only true servant of God will see their New Season. The Lord says His servant will be exalted. By becoming true servant of Jehovah we will receive from God the New Spirit, this New Spirit that will make us achieve the impossible. Alleluia!!! All great people of the Bible: Samson, David, Saul; received the Spirit of God upon them prior to their elevation. And like them I prophecy to you Beloved that 2015 is the year you will receive the New Spirit that will help you get into your season of elevation. Glory be to the God of the Glorious Church

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drafted by the redaction of The Glorious Church

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