By Doc Aime Luvuezo

Theme: New Spirit for New Season
Topic: The New spirit will lead us into the New Season
Text: Number 14: 22-24

*unless otherwise indicated, all verses in this text are drawn from New King James Version (NKJV)

To enter the New Season is our right and inheritance, but in order to get into it we need to receive the New Spirit. No matter how smart, strong or capable we are we can only get access to the New Season after receiving the New Spirit. Even the Grace of Gold alone isn’t enough to take us into the New Season. Above His Grace we need His New Spirit.

One of the best instances of the powerful work of the New Spirit recorded in the Scriptures is found in the story of Caleb. That is why we have centered our teaching on the New Spirit on the text of Ezekiel. The Lord freed Israelites from Egypt so that they may live their season of blessings in the land of Canaan. But because of instability they couldn’t enter the Promised Land. While on the outskirt of Canaan, the Israelites sent spies into it. What the spies returned as feedback was news of fearsome Giants inhabiting the land. This dissuaded the leaders of Israel; they were filled with fear, all but Caleb.

What made Caleb different is the spirit of positivity he had in him. Truly in man it is the spirit. Also, Caleb had faith in God, a faith based on the miracles Jehovah had operated for them since their release from Egypt. The other leaders forgot that the Lord divide the sea so they may cross without a single drop of water touching them. They forgot that Jehovah drowned an entire army of the mighty Egyptian who were chasing them.
Today we can liken the Promised Land to the New Season. The New Season is the time of the visitation of God in our lives, a time of miracles in our marriage, finances, health…We can only enter this season after receiving the New Spirit and placing our faith in the Lord. Again, like the spies in the time of Caleb, today many people in our environment are good at making us hopeless by constantly repeating to us that we will never succeed, that it is over for us and that nothing we will do can change that. Yes, maybe nothing we’ll do can change that but our God can send upon us His New Spirit that will change our lives for ever. Alleluia!!!

In the Scriptures, there are many others instances of the wonders accomplished though this New Spirit. Mary, the mother of Jesus, she found grace in the eyes of God but that wasn’t enough. She had to be overshadowed by the New Spirit. (Luke 1-32-35). And the wonder was the supernatural birth of the greatest man that ever set foot on earth, the Christ Jesus. Another instance of the might of New Spirit is found in Zach 4: 6-7. Zerubbabel , his name meant the one who takes away confusion. But he became confused himself when faced with the challenge of rebuilding the new temple, the task of removing the mound of debris was above his abilities. He needed the New Spirit. So I declare today that the mountain of bareness, poverty, misery illness that you face will be overcome with the help of the New Spirit.

Beloved, truly no one can help you but our God in heaven. This God has done things in the past for us and today He will do it again. Today the Church needs men and women like Caleb, men and women who won’t be swayed by the negative reports we receive every day from the News, reports of a world descending into a chaos. Beloved, things may look bad today, but the Scriptures say there is a time for every thing, there is a time to weep with challenges but there is also a time to laugh. You may be weeping now because of suffering, but your redeemer is alive and has seen your tears. When He’ll rise your tears will be wiped off. Alleluia!!! All we need is the New Spirit of God. No matter how long suffering will take, inside us the Spirit will speak that change will come. Not by our strength but by the faith in God. Glory be to the God of The Glorious Church.

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