Ange Mpunga

By Evangelist Ange Mpunga

Theme: New Spirit for New Season
Topic: Fullness
Text: John 2: 1-10

*unless otherwise indicated, all verses in this text are drawn from New King James Version (NKJV)

The New Spirit has the potential to bring back consideration in the eyes of those who used to mock us. Once we are filled with the New Spirit, we shall not be neglected anymore. Those who rejected us will be the first one to testify about us. Likewise when filled by the New Spirit we should not neglect anyone because we will never know whom the Lord has set as the key to our New Season.

The first miracle the Christ performed on His journey on earth proved what is said in the introduction to be true. As customary in Cana back in those days, 12 jars in total were used at the wedding feast that Jesus, His disciples and His mother attended. Six jars were placed inside the feast hall and served to keep the wine and six other jars were placed on the outside and served to keep water used for purification. In other words the six outside jars were neglected and contained defiled water as guests washed hands, feet and mouth with that water. But when they ran out of wine and it pleased Jesus to miraculously provide more wine He asked for the neglected jars to be brought in so He could fill them with the finest wine.

Beloved, your case may be in a way similar to that of the neglected jars. You have always been seen as a person of no importance in your community, family or church. You have always been a subject of mockery in your neighborhood. If you live a life of humiliation today’s message is yours. Beloved, Jesus is about to perform a miracle in your life that will turn all your mockers into your admirers. My message to you who is that the Christ is about to elevate you and like the neglected jars, your place will no more be outside but inside the hall, a place of glory and honor. If you believe that say Amen!!!

But all these wonderful changes in our lives can only come to pass once we have received the fullness of the New Spirit. The New Spirit is a spirit of positivity, a spirit of perfection. The New Spirit is the spirit that led Caleb in the Promised Land, this New Spirit will make us achieve the impossible. Alleluia!!! This New Spirit will also make us understand that we should not neglect anybody because the one we may come to neglect may turn out to be the bearer of our key to the New Season.

The Lord is about to elevate somebody today and that person is you reading this. The master of the feast tested the liquid in the jars to make sure it was wine because he couldn’t believe that these neglected jars could one day hold the finest wine. Beloved, the time has come for people who have for long neglected you to taste your success. The time has come for you not to boast about your skills anymore but for your enemies to praise the lord for your achievements. After having tested the wine, the master of the feast said in awe to the bridegroom “You have kept the good wine until now!” When Jehovah will reveal you to the world people will also wonder where you have been hidden until now. Glory be to the God of The Glorious Church.

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