By Evangelist Ange Mpunga

Theme: The rainy season
Topic: The later rain
Text: Deuteronomy 11: 13-14; Act 2 :1-21

*unless otherwise indicated, all verses in this text are drawn from New King James Version (NKJV)

Before the Lord showers a person with blessing he first prepares them spiritually. Before Jehovah blesses you, beloved, He will send an early rain to prepare you for what is to come. That early rain will test and at the same time strengthen your faith so that you may be able to manage the elevation that will come with the later rain.

Back in the days of the Old Testament, farmers in Israel used early rains as markers that the rainy season had started. After the fall of these early rains, they knew that the time to sow had come. They would then proceed by planting the seed into the ground. This early rains came to fertilize the soil and prepare it. Then, later rains would descend to help the seeds spring into fruitful plants.

The soil represents us, the creatures of God as the Scriptures teach us in the book of Genesis that we, humans, are made out of dust. In our today’s text of Deuteronomy the Lord promises to send the early rain and the later rain to those who obey Him. The early rain comes to fertilize the soil, to ready it so it may receive the seed. Brother, sister, if things aren’t working well for you it is because you are experiencing the early rain. This rain is the call of God, it comes to prepare you. Do not take this period of hardship as a sign that God has forsaken you but rather as a sign that you have the seed in you. The seed in you needs this early rain so it may decompose. This process is important for the development of the seed into a plant.

All you need to do during the time of the early rains is to refrain from giving in to temptation. Beloved, when faced with hardships that come during the early rains, you will be tempted to displease and disobey your Lord but don’t, stay put and persevere for it is only the seed in you decomposing so it may later spring forth. As the seed decomposes, it looses it first shell. This first shell represents the relationships, positions and perks you had before the call of God, you will have to loose all that for Jesus. And like the apostles who left their lives to follow the Christ, you will rise with him in Glory.

Let me open a small parenthesis here by deploring the fact that nowadays people come to church to seek for physical blessings only and do not have any interest in obeying the words of God. It should be the opposite. Such people can never be blessed for as they stand still and wait for God to bless them, our Lord, on his side, is also standing stills and waiting for them to repent from their wicked ways. So in order to be blessed, we have to make the first step, and that is to go back in God’s ways.

During the falling of the early rains in their lives, apostles gave up on every thing and followed Jesus because they had the seed in then. Then came the later rain, on the day of Pentecost. Beloved, your acceptance of the words of God shows that you have the seed in you. If you persevere, the Lord will send down on you the later rain. The later rain comes to bring elevation, to remove stigma and shame that has been all over you.

The Bible says that after the later rain has come down we will be able to gather in our grain, our new wine, and our oil. Just like, in the days of Joseph, people came from far afield to seek for grain in Egypt; your blessings from the later rain will attract toward you people from all walks of life. The new whine is pleasant to all who drink it, in the same way; the later rain will make you loved by all, even by those who shunned you. Like oil, the blessings you will receive from the later rain will never decay or rust and no one will ever be able to contain that blessing. Alleluia!!!

So, brother, sister, if you have gone out of the ways of God, this is the time to come back because you will loose the blessings meant for you. If you have received these words, I prophesy to you that the month of may will not end until you are showered with blessings. The later rain will descend upon you and will grow the seed of marriage, of success, of happiness…in your life. Glory be to the God of The Glorious Church

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